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Why HR leaders use coaching to build workforce resilience

Learn about the transformative impacts of coaching on your people, teams and bottom-line.

In times of change, building resilience through coaching is the ultimate competitive advantage

  • How coaching helps employees during COVID-19
  • How managers benefit from resilient teams receiving coaching
  • How companies perform better with coaching in place

We’ll share data that helps you design a meaningful resilience strategy

Our data shows that resilience has a cascading effect. Highly resilient managers have direct reports who have greater resilience, agility and performance.

Managers see the benefits: 79% of managers report that their direct report has been better able to adapt to change within 2 months of BetterUp coaching

You'll get insights to help you...

Replace outdated L&D with coaching 

Build resilience at the core of your business

Create a resiliency blueprint

Transform adversity into opportunity

“Our job as HR professionals is to do some serious thinking about what will make our companies resilient.”

Josh Bersin

Global HR Industry Analyst