PEAK coaching: Level up your leaders to drive performance

How coaching drives performance and business results 

“While there are many tools in a leader's toolbox, coaching is the most effective in driving business results.”

PEAK Coaching: Level Up Your Leaders To Drive Performance, Forrester Research, Inc., June 29 2020

Inside the report

Are you cultivating a coaching culture in your organization? The most progressive organizations are seeing the value that coaching brings to attracting and retaining top talent, training new managers, and driving peak performance. 

With an example of BetterUp’s coaching solution at Mars Inc., find out why Forrester Research says, “Coaching is the most effective tool you have to drive business results.”

This report uncovers

Why your managers need a coach to learn how to drive team performance.

How investments in coaching drive peak employee experience and productivity

How coaching helps you retain top talent

Coaching sets a high bar that drives performance

Managers are not natural leaders. They need coaching to develop leadership skills

Coaching is the most effective tool in driving business results

Key takeaways