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It's time to Redefine Mental Health

Achieving a healthy mind isn’t simply a matter of alleviating pain. Mental health is also about building and improving mental wellbeing, and the good news is you can strengthen it with exercise.

Think of mental wellbeing as a muscle - you can improve how you think, feel, and show up when you put in the effort. We call this inner work, and with this work, you uncover and understand who you are, what you feel, and why you feel this way. And when you know yourself well, you can be your best self.

How BetterUp Care Works

Wellbeing is personal, and you know you best (but our team of researchers, coaches, and therapists are dedicated to helping you every step of the way).

1: Understand Your Needs.

We kick things off with a simple, science-backed assessment all about you, your strengths, and areas for development.

We provide a mix of 1:1 virtual sessions, group experiences, text-based support, and curated digital programs, all designed with your mental wellbeing in mind.

2: Act On Your Personalized Plan.

3: Find Your Perfect Match.

We have a diverse team of certified coaches, specialist coaches, and licensed therapists ready to meet you where you are, to help you get where you’re going.

We listen, adjust, and are always finding ways to bring out the best in you. Our AI gets smarter, as you grow stronger.

4: Get Going and Get Growing.

Comprehensive Care for a Global Community

Through our custom-built technology, global coaching network, and expert-designed digital programs, we meet your people where they are and give them exactly what they need to get to the next level.

Largest certified coach network in the world at 2000+ and growing.

Access to licensed therapists and specialist coaches (sleep, nutrition, and peak performance).

Evidence-based, curated digital programs. 

Support in 49 languages, 65 countries, and 24 timezones.

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We surface actionable insights, so you can make the changes necessary to support your people AND your mission.

Coaching opened new doors that allowed me to dig deeper into my mind, to better understand my emotions and how I think and react. It gave me the tools to grow faster on the path of happiness and self-development.

Communications Senior Specialist

Fortune 500 Company


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