The Heightened Importance of Belonging in 2021


How to talk about the hurdles brought on by stress and changes in the way we work.


We're all still getting used to the ever-changing landscape of work in the post-2020 world. For many of us, it's taken a toll on our mental health. One of the biggest challenges we face is maintaining workplace relationships that are crucial to our ability to feel a sense of belonging on our team. 

On top of this, having difficult conversations about race and social issues when we're not in the same room makes connecting even harder. But these discussions must take place, as they affect us all. Our research shows that belonging impacts how productive people are at work. 

Knowing how to have these discussions will make all the difference for your team's wellbeing. 

We put together this roadmap to help you bring this topic to the forefront of your team. 

When employees feel like they belong, the benefits are clear.

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We cover why you should talk about:

The value of belonging in your organization

Spotting when it's missing and how to fix it

Ways to prevent exclusionary practices